Occupational Dermatoses in Agriculture: Epidemiology, Etiopathogenesis, Risk Factors (in Polish)

Author: Radoslaw Spiewak, MD, PhD

Czelej Publishers, Lublin 2002, 238 pages, 56 tables, 8 figures, 385 references


This monograph was subject to the habilitation procedure of the author (habilitation is a state-certified permanent qualification for professor posts). The book presents results from the author's own research that has been carried out during several preceding years. The habilitation inauguration took place before the Scientific Council of the Medical Academy in Lublin, Poland on 17 April 2003.

Aim: the assessment of the prevalence, etiopathogenesis and risk factors of occupational dermatoses in farmers. The study comprised 1114 persons. Methods included questionnaire, mycology tests, allergy in vivo and in vitro tests, migration inhibition test and ELISPOT. Results: every fourth farmer had work-related skin symptoms ever in life. The most frequent occupational dermatosis is allergic contact dermatitis (86%). Main causes are plants. Zoophilic dermatoses are relatively rare (4%). During this study, occupational dermatitis caused by thyme dust was described for the first time. It has been shown that work-related dermatitis and skin symptoms in farming are often related to allergy against airborne environmental microbes and the hypersensitivity is me-diated by lymphocytes Th1. The most relevant risk factor for occupational dermatoses in farming is the positive history of atopic dermatitis. All identified risk factors can easily be detected during prophylactic tests.

The original results presented in this Polish-language book have been previously published in a series of English-language papers that are listed below:

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