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Scientific publications


Research articles

Articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The list includes links to full texts. English translations are provided for articles published originally in Polish or German.

Scientific monographs

A list of scientific monographs (whole books or monographic chapters). Full texts in Polish with summaries in English.

Conference abstracts

Abstracts of presentations at scientific conferences. Some abstracts are linked to final journal articles on the same topic and/or supplemented with additional information.
doctoral thesis

Doctoral thesis

"Selected methodological aspect and clinical applications of rhinomanometry in allergic rhinitis" (defended with honours in 1995). Included is full-text in Polish, complete data sheets, and a summary in English.

Habilitation thesis

"Occupational dermatoses in agriculture: epidemiology, etiopathogenesis and risk factors" (defended in 2003). Included is full-text in Polish, slide shows, English summary and a list of English-language articles presenting the same results.

Essays on medicine and health matters

A list of essays on various aspects of medicine and health that were published in newspapers for medical professionals. (In preparation)

Health education

Educational publications, part of them commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Institute of Labour Protection. (In preparation)

Translations of medical textbooks

A list of medical textbooks and monographs, translated into Polish from English and German.

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