Occupational Biohazards. Classification, Exposed Workers, Measurements, Prevention

Jacek Dutkiewicz, Radoslaw Spiewak, Leon Jablonski, Jolanta Szymanska

Ad Punctum, Lublin 2007. Size A4, 160 pages.

This monograph is in line with the European Community Directive on the protection of workers against risks following exposure to biological agents at workplace.

The classification of hazardous biological agents covers 623 items (including prions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, plants, animals) that are frequent cause for work-related diseases and complaints. The classification of professions exposed to harmful biological agents lists 148 professional groups, grouped in 22 categories corresponding with economy branches.

Both classifications are in form of clear, cross-linked tables. The tables enable a rapid establishment of links between conditions at workplace and diseases in particular professions. These tables may be helpful at building a suspicion of a causal relationship, and further diagnosing and certifying occupational disease. These also may be helpful when analysing possible risk sources and taking prevention or intervention measures.

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