The frequency of using and level of satisfaction with diamond microdermabrasion among clients of a beauty parlour

Magdalena Nieweglowska-Wilk, Tomasz Wilk, Grazyna Kaminska-Winciorek, Radoslaw Spiewak

Department of Experimental Dermatology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow, Poland

Source: Nieweglowska-Wilk M, Wilk T, Kaminska-Winciorek G, Spiewak R. Czestosc korzystania i poziom zadowolenia z mikrodermabrazji diamentowej wsrod klientek salonu kosmetycznego. Estetol Med Kosmetol 2011; 1(1): 17-19. (in Polish)


Aim: To study the frequency of using diamond microdermabrasion on the face and the level of satisfaction among female clients of a beauty parlour. Materials and methods: In a private beauty parlour in Krakow, Poland, a questionnaire survey was conducted among female clients 20-30 years old, divided into two groups each of 100 persons. The first group (A) included one hundred consecutive clients, who answered to the questions whether, and how often they undergo diamond microdermabrasion. The second group (B) included another 100 women who have hat at least one diamond microdermabrasion treatment, divided into 4 groups each of 25 depending on the indication for the treatment, who answered questions about the frequency of use, and the level of satisfaction of the treatment. Results: Out of 100 consecutive clients (group A), 41% have had the diamond microdermabrasion treatment at least once in their life. Among those who had undergone the treatment (group B), 44% did it once in a year only. 39% of the surveyed women declared their satisfaction with diamond microdermabrasion already after the first treatment. Most satisfied (14 out of 25 persons, 56%) were those undergoing microdermabrasion for the reduction of skin discolourations. Conclusions: Most women aged from 20-30 undergo one diamond microdermabrasion treatment per year. Most satisfied are those who receive the treatment for skin discolourations.

Key words: diamond microdermabrasion, stratum corneum exfoliation, hyperpigmentation, melasma.

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