Photoallergic diseases - diagnosis and treatment

Radoslaw Spiewak

Institute of Dermatology, Krakow, Poland

Source: Spiewak R. Choroby fotoalergiczne - diagnostyka i leczenie. Alergol Immunol 2008; 5 (3-4): 101-105.


Abstract: Photoallergic diseases: solar urticaria (Type I immediate allergy), and photoallergic contact dermatitis (Type IV delayed allergy) too frequently remain undiagnosed and treated with unspecific modalities as "sun allergy". Yet aimed diagnostic procedures - photoprovocation and photopatch tests, allow the doctor to establish the proper diagnosis and choose adequate treatment, which favorably influences the patient' quality of life.

Key words: photoallergy, solar urticaria, photoallergic contact dermatitis, photoprovocation, photopatch tests, photoallergens.

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