Abstract 1998-3
Spiewak R.
Porownanie wynikow badania rynomanometrycznego z wybranymi objawami subiektywnymi i obiektywnymi u chorych na alergiczny niezyt nosa.
Otolaryngol Pol 1998; 52 (1): 59-64.


[Comparison of rhinomanometry results and selected subjective and objective symptoms in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis.]

The aim of this study was to compare rhinomanometric results with patient's assessment of nasal patency, frequency of sneezing, nasal secretion, and results of anterior rhinoscopy, 34 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis were examined. Correlations of medium degree were found between the rhinomanometric results and both the patient's assessment of nasal patency and the results of anterior rhinoscopy. No correlations were found between rhinomanometric results and either sneezing or nasal secretion. This might suggest that values measured by rhinomanometry are not closely enough connected with those measured by other methods and thus rhinomanometry can neither replace nor be replaced with any other of the analysed methods for assessing upper airway status.

KEY WORDS: anterior active rhinomanometry, nasal flow, nasal resistance, subjective assessment of nasal patency, sneezing, nasal secretion, anterior rhinoscopy.

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