Abstract 1996-2
Spiewak R, Krysinska-Traczyk E, Sitkowska J, Dutkiewicz J.
Microflora of allergenic pollens - a preliminary study.
Ann Agric Environ Med 1996; 3 (2): 127-130.


Eight samples of allergenic pollen originating from five species of anemophilous plants were investigated in order to estimate their contamination with mesophilic bacteria, thermophilic actinomycetes and fungi. The concentrations of Gram-positive bacteria ranged from 0 to 21000 cfu/g, of Gram-negative bacteria - 0 to 30000 cfu/g, of thermophilic actinomycetes - 0 to 10000 cfu/g, and concentration of fungi ranged from 0 to 34000 cfu/g. It is suggested that further study of the microflora of allergenic pollens and its potential role in pollen allergy is needed.

KEY WORDS: bacteria, fungi, pollen, rye, mugwort, hazel, alder, birch, immunomodulation, pollinosis.

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