Correlation between symptoms and results of rhinomanometric measurements of nasal patency in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis

Source: Brewczynski PZ, Spiewak R, Galuszka-Ignasiak B, Dudek B, Bozek A, Maslowski T, Klin MJ. Zwiazek miedzy samopoczuciem a wynikami rinomanometrycznych pomiarow droznosci nosa u chorych na sezonowy niezyt nosa. Pneumonol Alergol Pol 1994; 62 (11-12): 578-582.


The aim of presented study were to assess the usefulness of rhinomanometry in monitoring course of disease and effectivity of treatment in seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) through answering the question whether and eventually which relationship exists between patient's general feeling and results of rhinomanometric measurements of nasal patency (NP). The study involved 114 subjects with SAR divided into 3 groups dependent on phase of disease and severity of complaints and 30 healthy volunteers.

For results see table I. Nasal flow and resistance measured at differential pressure 75 Pa in groups I, III and IV did not differ significantly. In group II nasal flow values were lower (α < 0.001) and resistance values higher (α < 0.001) as compared with remaining groups. Thus, the beginning of symptoms is related to lowering of NP as compared with symptom-free phase of SAR. In the symptom-free period NP do not differ from healthy population. The results of rhinomanometric measurements of NP are useful in monitoring of course of SAR in assessment of effectivity of treatment.

Key words: rhinomanometry, seasonal allergic rhinitis, objective and subjective nasal symptoms, correlation.

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