Clinical and rhinomanometric evaluation of flunisolide in treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis

Source: Brewczynski PZ, Spiewak R, Galuszka B. Kliniczna i rinomanometryczna ocena skutecznosci flunizolidu w leczeniu alergicznego sezonowego niezytu nosa. Pneumonol Alergol Pol 1994; 62 (1-2): 84-89.


24 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) were observed. Persons with nasal obstruction caused by other mechanisms than allergy to pollens were excluded. The increase of nasal resistance and patients' complaints after the beginning of pollen season was statistically significant. The clinical efficacy of topical flunisolide in patients with SAR was evaluated. The therapy caused significant decrease of symptoms scores and increase of nasal patency as measured by rhinomanometry.

Key words: rhinomanometry, allergic rhinitis, therapy, nasal steroids, flunisolide.

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