Natural history of allergic reactions to Hymenoptera insect stings

Source: Brewczynski PZ, Spiewak R, Klin MJ. Historia naturalna odczynow alergicznych wywolywanych uzadleniami owadow blonkoskrzydlych. Pol Tyg Lek 1994; 49 (14-15): 330-333.


30 patients suffering from systemic allergic reactions following Hymenoptera insect bites were examined in order to identify risk factors. Life-style, place of residence, patients' age, sex, and the presence of atopy have been considered. Moreover, the clinical course of the disease along with the results of intracutaneous quantitative tests were analysed for their value in both diagnosis and prognosis of the allergic reactions.

Significant correlation was found between the results of quantitative skin tests and the severity of allergic reactions after insect stings. A gradual spontaneous decrease of skin reactivity on skin test was observed. We conclude that individual analysis of patients' natural history helps the physician with risk assessment and supports the choice of an appropriate therapy.

Key words: insect venom allergy, wasp, honey bee, natural history.

© Radoslaw Spiewak

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