Functional status of the upper airways among students of the Silesian Medical Academy

Source: Spiewak R. Stan czynnosciowy gornych drog oddechowych studentow Slaskiej Akademii Medycznej. Ann Soc Doctr Stud Acad Med Siles 1994; 20: 119-123.


The functional status of upper airway was assessed of 16 volunteers - students of the Silesian Medical Academy (Katowice, Poland). Anterior active rhinomanometry was used. None of the students complained of any nose and throat problems. The results were compared to the norms recommended by the European Rhinology Society. Of the studied group, only 1 person had all the parameters withing normal ranges. This indicates that functional disturbances of the upper airway are frequent among students.

Key words: rhinomanometry, anterior active rhinomanometry, laryngology, nose, physiology, functional status, healthy volunteers, random sample, health survey, upper airway.

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