Agents of plant origin as a cause of skin diseases in farmers

Source: Spiewak R. Czynniki pochodzenia roslinnego jako przyczyna zawodowych chorob u rolnikow. In: Dutkiewicz J. (ed.): Zagrozenia Biologiczne w Rolnictwie. Institute of Agricultural Medicine, Lublin 1998, 135-143.


Plants are source of various substances that can cause diseases of humans. Exposure to such substances is especially high in agriculture, an economy branch devoted mainly to plant production. People working on the farm are exposed to multiple substances of plant origin that may influence unfavourably their health. The great variety of potentially hazardous substances and their complex chemical structure makes their detection and monitoring very difficult or even impossible. This hinders their avoidance or elimination from the working environment.

This monographic chapter discusses occupational groups exposed to hazardous plant substances, including farmers, forestry workers, gardeners, greenhouse workers, florists, workers of food and wood industry. Crop plants that are source of potentially hazardous substances include edible plants, medical herbs, decorative plants, and woods. Also clinical forms of respiratory and skin diseases are discussed along with their diagnosis.

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